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it is great service and look forward to work with them for long time. Planet Expressは無料登録するとアメリカ オレゴンまたはカリフォルニアの住所を使用できる転送サービスで、日本語表示にも対応しています。 初回はデポジットとして$5の前払いが必要になりますが、$5はそのまま送料の支払いに使えるので無駄になりません。 The contact person is super-helpful - helped me even with choosing the product. It was showing 170.48 USD for the delivery but when I checked online , others are charging 125 USD for the same shipment.I contacted Planet Express team and got no response for the same. He pedido una simple cotización y la puse detallada y me preguntan que en que me pueden ayudar... no saben leer o qué??? However, when the photos were sent, the camera was TOTALLY different than what I had ordered, so I started a return with the Ebay seller. Not sure how I lived without Planet Express before ;) Really outstanding service and fantastic prices.

Taxas de serviço e frete são muito baratas.

contrate el envío de 2 paquetes con seguro, desde Marzo no me han llegado. I have shipped over 100 packages with them and can say that their customer service is unbeatable. i recommend PLANET EXPRESS. I am very grateful that my experience has been able to end on a high with my final communication from Peter L today being very helpful. con muy buenos precios y un buen servio... Excelelente plataforma de reenvio de paquetes postales, confiable y super seguro recomendado al 100%, Muy buen servicio, rápido, económico, plataforma intuitiva, gracias Planet Express, Excellent Service, nice customer service, cheaper rates and Super fast shipping!

الاجمل في هذه الشركة هو الوقت السريع الذي تعد فيه شحنتك باثمن جد صغير هو 2 دولار فقطA special company is concerned with re-sending the parcels you will buy from the United States towards your country anywhere in the world and It will not cost you just a few minutes.

The consolidation works great, compact package. Sent package, paid for priority mailout, package was apparently sent the same day with a 5-8 business day delivery quote. While they did response to email inquiries, they provided no real solution to the fact that they are shipping stolen goods out of the country.

It was good to use. !BEST IN CLASS. No extra hidden costs,which i can personally say i encountered. Definitely would recommend! I have been using them for a while now, great services. CS supported me to solve the problems and answer my questions across the ocean very promptly with kind manner. スポンサードリンク Great prices, very helpful customer service. Za mě naprosto super způsob, jak sem dostat věci z USA :) Nehledě na to, že tam dělá výborný člověk (který mluví česky), takže i když anglicky umím, stejně mi se vším pomohl a pomáhá.

海外ガジェットをよく個人輸入しているNAEです。 この記事では、アメリカからの転送サービス「Planet Express」を初めて使ってみたのでレポートします。 感想を一言で言うと、これまでの転送サービスで不満だった点を見事に解決してくれたという感じ。 The communication with employees, they sent me photos of my order, I could watch the whole shipment and the best thing, it was fast.

THAT WAS 9 HOURS AGO.I WILL REMOVE THIS POST ONCE PLANET EXPRESS ADDRESSES THIS ISSUE AND CALLS ME!! スピアネットとPlanet Expressとの最大の差は転送依頼作成が不要な点です。 no contraten con ellos, busquen otras empresas que están funcionando.

Will use again next time. Absolutely recommend to everyone who wants to send anything out of US. Atleast they could tell me a company name which deliver by sea way, Great service, speed of shipping, well organized website and kind customer service staff. AVOID! eBayで欲しかったビンテージスピーカーユニットの送料がべらぼうに高かったので、評判の良い荷物転送サービス「Planet Express」を使って送料を節約してみました。 Increíble servicio y con opciones de envío para todos los bolsillos. Ridiculuousupdate.- got an update that planet Express shipped it via aramex but aramex misplaced the package somewhere.tagged Aramex on twitter.Aramex its ur turn to justify ur stand. Customer service is amazing. super it's Christmas time, but they do the best job, sending out, defiantly use again! super rapide et efficace tres serieux je recommande. Gracias amigos de planet express me ayudaron mucho con unas compras buen servicio excelente atención una vez más muchas gracias, Very efficient customer service, very good set of options as to how to handle a package, competitive pricing. Thanks Planet Express! しかし、そんな活況の中でもビンテージオーディオ機材はなかなか手に入りにくいもの。 They have given me the worst customer support experience I have ever received. 個人輸入サービス ”Planet Express” を使ってみる. | I am absolutely disgusted that you pay for a service and not only do you not receive it, but you get spoken to like you are scum!! Very satisfied and happy with their service. Perfect. 2019年11月1日、新進気鋭のUS転送サービスに待望のオレゴン倉庫がオープンしました。参考 We Have Opened a Sales-Tax-Free Warehouse • Planet Express上記公式ブログの内容と、なぜ注 Many thanks ! カナダや北米はカリフォルニアかオレゴン、欧州はイギリス倉庫のように、セラーの所在地によって使い分けることが可能です。 スピアネットとの差. Recommend for those goods from USA to Asia.

Great !!. I have used various forwarding companies in my time and none of them have ever processed consolidations/inserted packages into the suite as quickly as planet express do. Super quick operation, and actually customer Service was great. Gran servicio, buenos precios y totalmente confiable para enviar paquetes desde Estados Unidos. He went above and beyond to reconcile this incident! の一言だけ。常識的に考えて小さなスピーカーユニットを2個送るのに160ドルもかかるわけがありません。 They do a kind and polite work.

do not use this rubbish service. They need to improve their customer service and accept responsibility for errors sooner! Amazing service and a fantastic way to get around sellers who will not ship to Canada from the U.S. OR want to charge exhorbitant shipping fees! They intercepted something that someone attempted to scam me and steal from me, and got in contact with me and sent it back. They should actually change their name to, "Planet Mess". Hello, could you start seriously consider my issues, one of them pending since last August, so that we remain friends and i can be nice on customer satisfaction feed back. They are not answering my phone too.But I don't know what went wrong and from the last few days the shipping fee is raised to 352.24 USD.I tried to reach out to the team but no reply so far.This has been a pain ful experience from me.To my surprise I tried to return the product as the shipping cost was too high and now it's showing the shipping cost back to the supplier, a Florida address is 130 USD.This is completely insane.I don't know what to do now.

I've been using Planet Express a bunch of times to order stuff in this US. Excellent service! You definitely need this! Planet Express is an excellent shipping company. By far the best Consolidated Shipping agency I've dealt with; unbeatable rates, super quick and reliable. They have the cheapest rates and a pretty fast shipping for its price! Thank you PlanetExpress! This company is amazing. We just have to wait for the delivery now. The new Oregon warehouse is a real bonus because we get to save on local taxes - fantastic!

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